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Recruitment now open!

Shroomfarmer / Apr 28, 2016
<Høyers Helte> Bladefist, Zenedar & Frostwhisper are an international PvE guild, that is currently progressing through Hellfire Citadel Heroic, with a goal to get through some of Hellfire Citadel Heroic, before Legions lands.
Our current progress in Hellfire Citadel Heroic is 9/13.

About us:
We are a guild made up by a group of data technician students, and all of us are above the age of 18, we named our guild after one of our teachers named C. Høyer. Our guild name translated to english means, <Høyers Heroes>

Raid times, days and rules:
We raid every Wednesday and Sunday between 21:00 - 00:00, with raids invites starting at 20:45. (1+ GMT - Copenhagen, Paris etc.)

We use a loot council to distribute the loot, the names of those running the loot council are Adoptmé, Albinovich and Shroomfarmer.
(Loot Council: Core Raider > Raider > Minion)

We demands 100% attendance on Wednesday and Sundays, from all Core Raiders, Raiders and Trials, who wishes to raid with us.

All invites to raids will be done through the in-game calendar and should be answered with Accepted or Declined at least two days before the actual raid.
(If you're going to "Decline" a raid invite, then you have to write an in-game letter to Albinovich, Adoptmé and Shroomfarmer to let them know the reason behind your absence).

We demand "Proving Grounds: Gold" for the role and class you wish to enter in our raids with!

TeamSpeak Rules:
Don't! talk during the Encounters, only your Leaders are allowed to talk.¨

Don't! talk badly of your fellow raiders in the raid! (If you have a problem with someone, you got to either Adoptmé, Albinovich or Shroomfarmer.

Otherwise, go have fun on our teamspeak and talk with your fellow members.

3 Strikes and you're out:
We go with a "3 strikes and you're out system", if you fail to follow the rules above these things will happen:

1 Strike = Loot Ban

2 Strike = Raid Ban

3 Strike = Guild Kick

Ask either, Albinovich, Adoptmé or Shroomfarmer if you have any questions about the rules or anything else.

So what are we actually looking for:

Melee DPS:
Retribution, Paladin (With Protection as your OS)
Enchancement Shaman (With Restoration as your OS)
Fury, Warrior (With Protection as your OS)
Windwalker, Monk (With Brewmaster as your OS)

Range DPS:
Elemental Shaman (With Restoration as your OS)
Mage or Balance Druid (With Restoration as your OS)
Hunter (Marksmanship/Beast Mastery)

Holy, Paladin (With Retribution as your OS)
Restoration, Shaman (With Elemental as your OS)

We take a look at all applicants, even though they ain't currently on the "Wishlist"

-Shroomfarmer <Høyers Helte>


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